Work ON your life, not IN your life

‘Work on your business, not just in your business’

Common catchphrase.

How about in life?

Do we work on our life, or are we just in our life? Reacting. Justifying. Hoping. Blaming.

If we truly dedicate ‘work’ to the inner landscape of life (self), the external landscape (experience) shifts remarkably.

The way you treat people and self.

The way you keep promises and hold other’s accountable to theirs.

The way you apologise when you make mistakes, and ask for an apology when it’s deserving.

The way you give and gather feedback.

The way you seek to understand and offer enough to be understood.

You can constantly make deposits into the inner landscape, and those deposits grow and spread into the external landscape. 

The question sits around what you’re depositing. 

Is it expansive or disempowering?

We know there are major ‘works’ to be done on the inner landscape when we experience the external through the behaviours of;

  • Judgment
  • Criticism
  • Not seeking to understand
  • Inconsistency
  • Over-reacting in response to other people over-reacting
  • Living without intention and accountability
  • Talking behind the back of others without an intention of care and support

We all have ‘work’ to do. 

And it’s always a choice.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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