When you don’t find joy in Play Doh.

Some parents I work with don’t find joy in making Play Doh. 

My advice.

Stop forcing the unappealing.

It creates unnecessary stress, guilt and disappointment.

If you’re the achievement addict, you’re always going to struggle with finding enough joy in this to be consistent with it.

I experimented with 8-months ‘off’ when I had my children, because ‘Society’ said that’s what I should do.

But for me, who was rewarded for achievement through my childhood, I have an addiction to achievement as an adult. 

I’m not on a mission to eliminate that addiction, because in many areas it serves me well, and when I took it out of my life during that 8-months at home, I wasn’t my best.

I’d still search for things to do, buy toothpaste (the day’s all-important task) and clean windows. Seriously.

When I ‘played’, it didn’t bring me the joy I was hoping for.

I’m not diminishing those who find the joy playing with their children, I’m honouring you. It’s just not me. 

So, I created different family rituals to bring in communication, dedicated presence and joy.

Our family rituals are based on things that I love.

The things I love to prioritise.

Things that will therefore, remain consistent and have an impact.

So, for you, if you don’t find the joy in the Play Doh, look into your strengths, other areas that you excel, and use them to create experiences for your family, unique and joy-filled for you too. 

I invite you to watch this week’s video to learn one of the ways we do it in our home.

If you’re the ambitious and driven kind, trying to juggle it all, join me over in our Facebook Group – Next Generation Wellness Kin: Stretch without Stress.

Lead your children with what you love.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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