What does mindful mean to you?

Mindful. Such a buzz word.

Mindfulness is often misunderstood as practices such as meditation and yoga. Whilst they both bring us into a state of mindfulness, what happens to our mindful state the rest of the day or the week, outside of these practices?

What I aim to teach through The Healthy Parent Healthy Child Program (amongst many other things) is the expansion of mindfulness across ALL areas of life so that we can practice it continuously through each hour of the day, and consequently live an intentional and enjoyable life – challenges and all.

This requires us to grow our awareness in each moment. Important moments where we make decisions that have an affect on our lives forever. If you ask yourself some of these questions, you can determine for yourself how your mindfulness practice is daily, and how intentional your choices are in each moment. Let’s face it, living reactively causes both biochemical and physiological stress responses that lead to dangerous outcomes!

Do you know exactly what is in the food you are putting in your mouth and what it does inside your body?
Do you ever focus on smell and sounds when you hang out the washing or prepare dinner?
Do you know why you picked up your phone right now?
Do you know why you reacted with anger in this moment?

Do you listen without distraction as your child verbally shares a story with you?

Do you feel the water run over your body in the shower and practice gratitude for life?
Do you know why you are eating now and feeling what it feels like to chew and digest?
Do you know why you are choosing the gym session over the yoga session today?
Do you know what you are thinking and feeling in each moment?
Do you know why you say the words you do and take the actions you take?
Do you know why you are reaching for the coffee, wine or Nurofen?

Expanding mindfulness in all areas of life is the difference between a lack of colour and certainty in life, and exciting expansion and experiences.

Oooh, and then we get to teach our kids these beautiful skills……..we’d love to have you come with us.

Take a look, take care and be well,

Erin xx