At least 95% of people have their lives afflicted by feelings of inadequacy. This lack of ‘worthiness’ also handicaps happiness and success.

Overcoming the feeling of Inadequacy

In the mid-1980’s, Dr Vincent Felitti was investigating the results of starvation for curbing obesity. He discovered that if people starved themselves on their fat stores, and took supplements of; – Potassium and magnesium (because your heart stops beating without them) – Protein (this is the next deficiency to kill you) – Vitamin C and other Vitamins (to curb disease that then kill you) then the participants lost weight. The interesting part? Most participants put the weight back on.  There are at least TWO important lessons to take away, if you’re trying to lose weight; LESSON 1:  WHAT GOES IN MATTERS You can’t restrict calories to lose weight, without inputting the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function without causing severe harm to your incredible body.  Through the common dieting/challenge method, most people starve their bodies of essential vitamins and minerals, not just calories.  So if you’re weight loss regime involves: – […]

Critical Weight Loss Lessons

It’s the cumulative impact of a challenged modern-day CULTURE. Physically Emotionally Behaviourally Socially There’s a shift beyond brain chemistry required. And that shift is about bringing back healthier individualsthrough positive behaviours, not pills. It’s about slowing the pace of life and learning the skills to adapt differently to chronic daily stress, in order to move away from the burnt out, impatient, frantic, moody and energy-less human that is. It’s about reducing chemical accumulation and toxicity from food, personal care and home care products currently affecting biochemistry and physiology. It’s about living intentionally with technology so that we use its power positively, and purposely, yet still value and prioritise human interaction and connection. It’s about expanding self-awareness, optimism, compassion and contribution,for greater fulfillment and happiness, and shifting from the reliance on food, caffeine, alcohol or spending which currently fill the void. It’s about getting in nature, to reduce the ego and small thinking as the studies show. It’s about creating homes that aresupportive, connected, calm and compassionate, rather than rushed, cluttered, unkind and resentful. It’s […]

Our mental health problem isn’t just mental.

Scientists measure the depth of someone’s depression using the Hamilton Scale, invented by the scientist Max Hamilton in 1959. The Hamilton Scale ranges from 0 (loving life) to 51 (high suicide risk). Interestingly, a 6 point rise can be elicited through improved sleep patterns and habits, whilst anti-depressant medications show only an improvement of 1.8 points. Obviously I encourage those challenged with mental and emotional health to adopt all natural behaviour changes prior to medication. This is very often not the first piece of advice given in the medical arena. When it comes to improving sleep (just one area in the inter-disciplinary approach that I use)…… Watch this video on Sleep during this interview I had with Mandy Hargreaves, Finding Gorgeous, about the strategies, circadian rhythms and foods for quality sleep Self Love September – Sleep from Erin Barnes on Vimeo. Learn more about Vedic style meditation which has been […]

Depression, Drugs + Sleep

It’s common. If you’ve tried to lose weight and either can’t sustain it through different life stages, or you just can’t shift it, please listen in. There are two things to note. #1. Once upon a time, ‘calories’ mattered.  But today, there are so many other things impacting the biochemical, physiological and hormonal responses in the body.  So, if you’re still counting them as a means to lose and maintain weight, it will be a futile deed. #2 The mind matters. If you’re continually criticising yourself for past errors or failures, you’re perpetuating the very behaviour you wish to change. It’s a neurological/ fear response thing. It triggers a whole cascade of biochemical, hormonal and physiological events, detrimental to your weight loss attempt. The data you feed your brain (negative beliefs, feelings, interpretations, opinions) determine the success or failure of your efforts. It’s difficult because that very data fed to the mind, is interpreted […]

Weight Loss Resistance.

Most mother’s are thrilled to put aside the lunch box production during the holidays. I still make them.  It serves as a reminder that meal times are important, and the day is not a grazing fest. It also saves me time over the day. The only difference is the contents of the ‘box’.  I RAISE the nourishment level.   With a fridge, freezer and stove on hand most of the time, I can do anything; hot, cold or frozen. So it’s worth contemplating…….. Do you use the holidays as an opportunity for added brain and body nourishment? Or somewhere did you adopt a mindset that holidays are for ‘blowing out’ and depletion of nourishment?  Both options are on the table, and both options pass on a certain belief and mindset that children adopt and live out into adulthood.  Each option has a cumulative effect. Each option is ours to make, alongside the responsibility […]

No Lunchboxes? The parental responsibility.

Gung-ho is how we as humans, commence behaviour change. Then we fall short. Although growth and learning are high on my personal ‘Values’ list, this comes with risk. For education alone is never enough to get us to the destination. There’s messiness in the mind, and a natural lack of accountability within ourselves.  We’re wired to put others first. I have spent years analysing body, brain and behavioural science, and the solution to ensure successful and sustainable behaviour change.  The 4Cs Method was created to bring a strategy to behaviour change (at any age), because although I’m a ‘solve-it-myself’ kind of person, sometimes we can’t break through the things that are in the way of what we desperately want.  And when we can’t there’s more going on underneath the surface of the mind. The greatest barrier in it all however, is putting our hand up to acknowledge that we’ve tried, and it’s […]

Gung-ho; changing behaviours

You’ll never have more time. As an ambitious and driven individual, you will always fill the space that arrives before you. Instead, let’s re-evaluate what we can do from a behavioural perspective when we have ‘no-time’ to continue to stretch without stress…..

When ‘time’ becomes stressful

I know of no human who has escaped the super-hold of this emotion.

And it happens for two reasons.


In today’s Information Age, we have huge opportunity to alter our personal circumstances and experiences. To almost, curate life. However, this plethora of information also brings great risk to our personal integrity, because whilst we are digesting information rapidly, we often don’t have a suitable strategic behaviour implementation plan. So we fall short on the goal, on the change desired.Bit by bit, when we let ourselves down, our personal integrity is detrimentally impacted. Our Amygdala processes fear more often than hope and possibility, and in the ‘fear/stress’ response, our autopilot behaviours kick in quickly, and our ability to maintain a new behaviour, is impaired. Where do you have goals you’re falling short in? Are you guilty of digesting information without a strategic behaviour integration strategy?

When Information is a risk to Personal Integrity