Rewards Don’t Work.

There’s a better way to hit your goals. Not as ‘nice’ perhaps, yet more effective. To help you understand why rewards don’t work, let me ask you a question. “Have you lived your life to date, without some things that you want?”  The answer is usually a resounding, ‘Yes’. Makes sense then, if we’ve […]

The Tale You Tell.

And re-tell. What is it? It’s important to uncover the tale we’ve penned surrounding certain unwanted circumstances in our lives. Do we speak blame? Denial? Excuses?  When we unveil the tale, we stand a chance to get out of the mess. But if we sit in comfort and stay telling the tale, we […]

Successful Behaviour Change.

The subconscious brain controls us between 90-95% of our day. Yet we kid ourselves into thinking if we just consciously set our mind to a new goal, we’re likely to achieve it.  95% subconscious driver V’s 5% conscious goal Do you see the disconnect? Do you see why the thing you […]

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

– Leonard Cohen How often have you started something, and then perceived yourself to have ‘fallen off the wagon’? So, you stop. That moment, is a lesson in self-compassion.  If you believe that you are the only human being on the planet to ever have fallen short of your perfectionist expectations, […]

The Small Wins

‘Doing’. It’s a societal epidemic.  The days are full, yet when we get to the end of each, we question what was truly achieved.  We ruminate over all the things we didn’t get done, unaware of or overlooking all the things we did. The problem lies within the lack of […]

Needs and Wants

NEEDS AND WANTS. A typical day can be filled with 2 things;  Things you need to do (your responsibilities) and things you want to do (that is, your goals).  The two big challenges today. 1. The things you want to do (goals) have been replaced by pleasures. Pleasure is a bandaid […]

Work ON your life, not IN your life

‘Work on your business, not just in your business’ Common catchphrase. How about in life? Do we work on our life, or are we just in our life? Reacting. Justifying. Hoping. Blaming. If we truly dedicate ‘work’ to the inner landscape of life (self), the external landscape (experience) shifts remarkably. […]

The ‘Leadership’ Label

The ‘Leadership’ label isn’t reserved for corporate governance.  We are all leaders. Leading at home, in workplaces and in the community. Yet, what we learn and what we live, determine how we lead. And we each have the capacity to lead dangerously AND remarkably. In every moment. In every setting.   The Next Generation Wellness Mission is to […]

How do you cope with ‘body irritability’?

I explain ‘body irritability’ as; The outcome of excessive pleasure inducing behaviours over an extended period, which elicits an overall biochemical, metabolic and emotional anxiety The result; Every moment of the day is an unwelcome reminder that you’re unhappy with how your body looks and feels. In the body irritability state, you […]

Choose this just-one thing to show up differently

Scientific research shows that the difficulty we feel in life is less related to the actual load of the challenge, than it is to the attention that we give it. Our ‘motor maps’ (action plans of the brain) are wired as a result of this attention and the information we […]

The greatest risk to well and full life

When contemplating the greatest risk to human kind in living well and full, this is what I see. Distraction. Reaction. Depletion. Science and research shows that this common lifestyle truth precipitates: Habitual behaviour In-authentic and misaligned-value behaviours  Heightened pessimism and negativity, and the consequent limiting of the reticular activating system’s ability to see new possibility and […]

The Modern Woman Synopsis

T PHYSICAL: any combination of; Slightly fatigued, some minor inflammation (head, skin, gut, muscles or joints), menstruation and PMS complaints, stool abnormalities, cravings, weight challenges, mood struggles (irritability, anxiety, depression, swings, edgy, restlessness), lack of brain clarity, low libido. . EMOTIONAL/ MENTAL: any combination of; Feeling just ‘ok’ Desiring more […]