Weight Loss Resistance.

It’s common. If you’ve tried to lose weight and either can’t sustain it through different life stages, or you just can’t shift it, please listen in. There are two things to note. #1. Once upon a time, ‘calories’ mattered.  But today, there are so many other things impacting the biochemical, physiological and […]

No Lunchboxes? The parental responsibility.

Most mother’s are thrilled to put aside the lunch box production during the holidays. I still make them.  It serves as a reminder that meal times are important, and the day is not a grazing fest. It also saves me time over the day. The only difference is the contents of […]

Gung-ho; changing behaviours

Gung-ho is how we as humans, commence behaviour change. Then we fall short. Although growth and learning are high on my personal ‘Values’ list, this comes with risk. For education alone is never enough to get us to the destination. There’s messiness in the mind, and a natural lack of […]

When ‘time’ becomes stressful

You’ll never have more time. As an ambitious and driven individual, you will always fill the space that arrives before you. Instead, let’s re-evaluate what we can do from a behavioural perspective when we have ‘no-time’ to continue to stretch without stress…..


I know of no human who has escaped the super-hold of this emotion.

And it happens for two reasons.

When Information is a risk to Personal Integrity

In today’s Information Age, we have huge opportunity to alter our personal circumstances and experiences. To almost, curate life. However, this plethora of information also brings great risk to our personal integrity, because whilst we are digesting information rapidly, we often don’t have a suitable strategic behaviour implementation plan. So […]

When you don’t find joy in Play Doh.

Some parents I work with don’t find joy in making Play Doh.  My advice. Stop forcing the unappealing. It creates unnecessary stress, guilt and disappointment. If you’re the achievement addict, you’re always going to struggle with finding enough joy in this to be consistent with it. I experimented with 8-months […]

The Stress + Addiction Loop Of Achievement

Are you like me? In a stress and addiction loop of ‘achievement’? It’s when you’re ambitious and achieving, but you’re craving for the stress of that to end. Yet when that space arrives, you don’t know how to fully embrace it.  You become irritable with feelings of discomfort.  You’ve forgotten how to […]

Confusing Contribution

Hi {first_name} There’s a huge difference between contribution and appeasing other people’s needs before you’re own. The discussion came up at our Family Dinner Night (FDN).  FDN is a scheduled, weekly family date night where we discuss a topic of interest (strategically pre-planned by moi), rate our personal life fulfilment areas, set personal behaviours, goals, challenges […]