Tolerating Mediocrity

TOLERATING MEDIOCRITY IN ANY AREA OF LIFE IS SADLY EASIER THAN ADMITTING YOU HAVE A DREAM. Easier? 🤔  Yes, easier.  Admitting to having a dream forces us to face the gap.  The gap between where we are and where we want to go.  And the reason the gap is present, is […]

The Tech Blame Game

We blame it.  And when we do we place any control we have over the situation, elsewhere. But of course we do that, because it means we don’t have to have take a good look at what we’re choosing for our kids. We don’t have to take personal responsibility. But […]

Raising Health and Vitality

Put aside the confusion of macro ratios and calories, even the most simple of things food related has become difficult. After many years becoming well aware of my personal trusted and safe brands, it was still very easy to become a victim to food marketing. A time poor dash into […]

No Green Smoothie Will Save You If You Miss This

If you’ve fallen short of sustainably and consistently implementing health changes in the past, you need to know this. You’re not hopeless. Despite your best attempts to make some positive behavioural changes this January, eventually research shows that over 80% of people will fall short again. One reason is because we are […]

Breaking The Body Shackles

Many people love this time of the year because society tells them it’s totally ok to put off their health and goals until next year.  I know you don’t buy into that societal norm, but here’s a little reminder for those you may know of, that do. January always arrives. And […]

5am Club?

5am Club? I am an advocate for reclaiming your first hour of the day, however not necessarily the exact time you need to that. I am always cautious of movements that suggest you need to do an exact thing, such as wake at 5am, or you’ll not be a success.   We […]

Overcoming the feeling of Inadequacy

At least 95% of people have their lives afflicted by feelings of inadequacy. This lack of ‘worthiness’ also handicaps happiness and success.

Critical Weight Loss Lessons

In the mid-1980’s, Dr Vincent Felitti was investigating the results of starvation for curbing obesity. He discovered that if people starved themselves on their fat stores, and took supplements of; – Potassium and magnesium (because your heart stops beating without them) – Protein (this is the next deficiency to kill you) – Vitamin […]

Our mental health problem isn’t just mental.

It’s the cumulative impact of a challenged modern-day CULTURE. Physically Emotionally Behaviourally Socially There’s a shift beyond brain chemistry required. And that shift is about bringing back healthier individualsthrough positive behaviours, not pills. It’s about slowing the pace of life and learning the skills to adapt differently to chronic daily stress, in order to move away from the burnt out, […]

Depression, Drugs + Sleep

Scientists measure the depth of someone’s depression using the Hamilton Scale, invented by the scientist Max Hamilton in 1959. The Hamilton Scale ranges from 0 (loving life) to 51 (high suicide risk). Interestingly, a 6 point rise can be elicited through improved sleep patterns and habits, whilst anti-depressant medications show […]

Weight Loss Resistance.

It’s common. If you’ve tried to lose weight and either can’t sustain it through different life stages, or you just can’t shift it, please listen in. There are two things to note. #1. Once upon a time, ‘calories’ mattered.  But today, there are so many other things impacting the biochemical, physiological and […]