On Courage and Confidence: I grew up wondering what was wrong with me. Why I couldn’t be the fun one, dancing on the table tops and cherishing in attention. I wondered why I choked on my saliva if someone simply turned their gaze to me and asked a question. I wondered where this elusive confidence came from that others exhibited. Perhaps you WERE the table top dancer, but you struggled to be on time and be organised enough to get things done, that needed to get done. So when it came to demands being placed on you, confidence evaporated. I now know, that our personalities, human needs, experiences and beliefs are each imperfect and necessarily unique. I also know, that despite what extroversion looks like from the outside, extroverts lack self-confidence just as often as an introvert.  I’ve spent many years unpacking this confidence thing, fearfully and painfully. The 5 Pillars of Courage and Confidence […]

On Courage and Confidence

SUMMARY: Seeking physical health and vitality Although my role is to simplify the health and wellness propaganda into simple frameworks for sustainable success, I am challenged by the over simplification of health. What I often see is the focus on food and exercise as the be all and end all of physical health and vitality. I also see extremes, in that unless you are drinking green smoothies or celery juice, or unless you are paying for some new training program, that you will struggle to achieve physical vitality. Then there are people doing those things that still lack physical health and vitality. What I also see is people looking sideways and trying something that has worked for their friend only to fall short. The reason we are challenged with physical health and vitality is that food and exercise are just two of the many things that contribute. The Next Generation […]


SUMMARY: Loss of Purpose and Ambition If you feel like there is a loss of purpose and ambition in your life, that you’ve forgotten what is fulfilling and meaningful, then that’s ok. Anyone who is driven in life will reach this point, possibly more than once. Think about the word ‘purpose’. When did you first begin to contemplate whether it was present or missing in your life? Chances are, it wasn’t until the time of around mid-life. Somewhere between mid 30’s to late 50’s. This mid-life question will show up, and when it does we make one of two decisions. We stuff it down quickly, shovel dirt on top and push through life using the same patterns we adopted as a child. It might look like: The tightest grip and control over everything around you Emotional outbursts whilst doing the simplest of things Numbing the discomfort through food, alcohol, shopping, […]


Free Parenting Lessons Happiness and optimism are vital skills to share with our children. Unfortunately, their not skills most of us learnt growing up and because of the incidence of depression growing every year, these are important skills to consider and lead when raising our children. They are also critical for the enjoyment of our own lives. Therefore, I thought I would unlock 2 lessons from Reset For Kids for you to grow your superb parenting skills for the next 7 days! The first video lesson within the Foundational Family File allows you to re-define your parenting role. Sometimes we don’t consider this and we risk showcasing generational and familial beliefs without ever questioning them. The second video lesson within Family File #1 – Happiness + Optimism will share with you the research around these all important skills so that you can guide your children to a life that is fulfilling and optimistic regardless of […]

Happiness and Optimism

Overcoming Anxiety
SUMMARY: OVERCOMING ANXIETY Anxiety is a very common emotion. Every human will experience it.  Anxiety is also a symptom. A symptom that tells you that something needs changing. Certain personality types will be more susceptible to anxiety and your physical health status (cellular function, repair, neurotransmitter communication etc.) will also play a part as to whether anxiety is controlled or exacerbated.  There are also over 42 stress triggers, which stacked together can increase the likelihood of anxiety feeling out of control. But here’s the truth. Tough to swallow sometimes I know, because I have lived with over-functioning anxiety in the past. The truth is that overcoming anxiety is more within our control that you are led to believe. For the majority of growing cases of anxiety within society, it’s within our control, but we’re not taught the skills, and sometimes we have so much resistance to personal development because we love status quo, and there […]

Overcoming Anxiety

how to define and move through loss Covid-19
There is never a stormy night that does not pass, but when we are in that storm, that loss, it doesn't feel like that. This video lesson can help.

How to Define and Move Through Loss

And here are the links for stress minimisation during COVID-19: To reduce growing collective fear consciously decide how you will distance yourself Take apps off your phone or choose to refresh at a particular time of the day Choose one news source and once updated daily, turn off Choose to reduce conversations and language around things outside of our control To reduce the fear of losing something you identify as important Complete the Life Fulfilment Grid to bring perspective to areas of life that are within your control and going well: As many times as possible throughout the day, using phone alerts or post it notes, shift attention from the area of life at risk, to another area of life that you’re grateful for to raise optimism and reduce the Amygdala’s fear response. Bring additional pattern interrupt triggers into your day to raise the opportunity for conscious judgement, creativity, logic and emotional […]

Tips for stress minimisation during COVID-19

2020 began with so much optimism, more than usual in fact.  How quickly momentum shifts. When life’s good, momentum can shift. When it’s tough, momentum can shift. The moment we embrace the certainty, that life is always uncertain, we begin movement through fear. How? We check in daily to our identity and assumptions. If you identify as a wife or husband, you can’t assume that your spouse will always be by your side. If you identify as a mother, you can’t assume they will do what you believe they should do for life. If you identify as a business owner, you can’t assume that business will remain. If you identify with being healthy, you can’t assume that your health will stay strong. If you identify as being kind, you can’t assume that something won’t arise to drive your cruelty. The only assumption we can make with certainty, is that the […]

Fear and Uncertainty

Greater presence may very well be desired, but just like ‘more time’, ‘more money’, ‘more energy’………it doesn’t instantly appear.  We can do our very best to try.  This is what most people do. But we have competing priorities, noise in our heads and 101 kinds of fear. All of these work synergistically together to place us in auto-pilot. And when this happens, we farewell desired presence and any other behaviour change we seek. We can do it a different way however, a way that actually works. We can shine a light on the competing priorities, noise in our heads and the 101 kinds of fear that precipitate the stress response and auto-pilot. We can unearth new pockets of space, clear the noise and shift the fear of fear. And just at this time, the coveted ‘presence’ arrives……. Take care and be well, Erin xx Ready to escape same-same? I invite you to […]

On seeking greater presence

The moment we label ourselves as something, such as: 😐 not a morning person😐 unmotivated😐 not very smart😐 not really an exerciser😐 anxious😐 depressed😐 not confident😐 {fill in the blank} ….we step into a space of passive helplessness.  We outsource responsibility and accountability. And without both of these we can not change what is. Review your language, change your beliefs.Change your beliefs, change your life.  And email if you’re stuck on where to even begin 😉

Labels Are Limiting

TOLERATING MEDIOCRITY IN ANY AREA OF LIFE IS SADLY EASIER THAN ADMITTING YOU HAVE A DREAM. Easier? 🤔  Yes, easier.  Admitting to having a dream forces us to face the gap.  The gap between where we are and where we want to go.  And the reason the gap is present, is because of conscious or unconscious fear that keeps breaking the bridge to your destination vision. Uncovering the gap feels uncertain, dangerous and overwhelming.  But your best life sits on the other side of fear. What one thing can you do today that is a little out of your comfort zone? Something to commit to, seek support around, ask for, try, express or take one step toward? Ask this EVERY day…….. Take care and be well, Erin xx If you don’t know where to start, I invite you to book a complimentary 30 minute call. Just hit the ‘contact’ tab. That could […]

Tolerating Mediocrity