Weight Loss Resistance.

It’s common.

If you’ve tried to lose weight and either can’t sustain it through different life stages, or you just can’t shift it, please listen in.

There are two things to note.


Once upon a time, ‘calories’ mattered. 

But today, there are so many other things impacting the biochemical, physiological and hormonal responses in the body. 

So, if you’re still counting them as a means to lose and maintain weight, it will be a futile deed.


The mind matters.

  • If you’re continually criticising yourself for past errors or failures, you’re perpetuating the very behaviour you wish to change. It’s a neurological/ fear response thing. It triggers a whole cascade of biochemical, hormonal and physiological events, detrimental to your weight loss attempt.
  • The data you feed your brain (negative beliefs, feelings, interpretations, opinions) determine the success or failure of your efforts. It’s difficult because that very data fed to the mind, is interpreted unconsciously. This means that even though you’re trying really hard, you can still end up staying the same.
  • Your self-image prescribes the limits or possibility of accomplishing any goal. Your self-concept must be altered to activate success.

To shift what is, there must be an integration of the science and research across brain, body AND behaviour, synergistically.

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