We Can Do Hard Things

My friends over at The Splendid Word who sit behind
‘Spreading The Good Stuff’ Podcast and movement, posted a quote the other day that said,’We can do hard things’.

I don’t think there’s a truer word spoken.
Certainly in the work that I do around the brain and the body,
I know that as humans we have unlimited potential.
I also can look back in time and see that when our backs are against the wall, we are so resourceful, and so resilient to get up, over and through whatever challenge sits in front of us.

But I am also acutely aware, that for so many people out there, it does not
feel like we have the energy, or the capacity, or the resources and resilience to keep stepping through it. To keep showing up.

But there are some things we can do, so that we understand that our life matters, and so that we have the resilience and the resources to keep moving forward.

Those five things are:

  1. Protecting our energy (physically, emotionally, socially and mentally)
  2. Clarity of what is now important and a broadened destination vision
  3. Being conscious of where our focus and attention is directed
  4. Discipline: behaviours and thinking to support our new direction
  5. Connection; with people who raise our energy and support our new direction

None of this is easy, but we can do hard things.

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