Using Setbacks For Success

When seeking success in something, we’re told failure is a positive thing. 
But if you’re like me and you’ve been rewarded for achievement through life, there’s a pretty potent fear of failure.

Being told that failure is important doesn’t help to diminish that fear a whole lot. There is a way out however, through these simple questions I explain in this Episode.

You may like to copy these questions to use yourself and you’ll find them further down in these notes.



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  1. What part did I play?
  1. What part did others play?
  2. What part was never within my control that I assumed was?
  3. What have I learned about myself?
  4. What behaviour or cognitive input do I integrate to minimise the risk of this occurring again?

    You can tune into the Habit Stacker Episode above to hear examples of these questions in action, which can be used following any situation. But you can’t skip the last one. The integrative one. The action or cognitive input must be integrated for changes in beliefs and their consequent behavioural patterns.
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