My Top 4 Essential Oils For The Busy Woman

As a woman these days there is an expectation, often created by ourselves through comparison and the consequent deficit mindset, that we are to be the successful working woman, the nourishing and nurturing mother, kind-hearted and emotionally supportive friend, hot stuff wife and well, despite us all knowing that this an impossibility, we try to keep hitting the bullseye anyway.

Usually however, this is what occurs along the way:

Anxiousness, depression, emotional extremes, overtiredness, feeling overworked, hormonal imbalance, digestive complaints, lack of energy, stress, insomnia, tension, PMS, frustration, anger and self confidence issues. It’s truly a blast!


This is why these are my top 4 oils for the busy woman, used religiously in my home and out, and how I incorporate them daily.

  1. Sandalwood:

First thing in the morning the diffuser is on, first thing! Sandalwood is most commonly the base note (1 drop), along with middle note Geranium (2 drops) and top note Orange (3 drops). Besides smelling incredible, Sandalwood is grounding, comforting and uplifting at the same time, strengthening, and balancing. If I close my eyes, I am in between trees completely stable, clear and strong. Quite a different feeling from what my eyes were showing me before!


Sandalwood is always on a cotton wool bud if I am speaking, to calm the farm. Often my daughter has one at school, her cotton cuddle, to remind her my cuddle is a smell away when she feeling her anxious self.

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2. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang often substitutes Sandalwood in the diffuser, when I am feeling frustrated or angry, irritable and/or impatient. I am sure I am not the only human who feels these emotions regularly in life. I choose not to stay with them however, and these 4 oils are my godsend.


Ylang Ylang is beautiful to massage and bathe in, whilst inhaling slowly and reminding myself how powerful the breath is in bringing the perception of stress down. Bringing me back to the moment that is being experienced right now- AKA mindfulness.

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3. Orange

Who could not love this uplifting aroma? Helping to combat those feelings of anxiety, stress and fatigue (and sleeplessness). Can be both an incredibly radiating and calming oil.

It is also often used as a tummy rub for my daughter (with a carrier oil of course), when things are not working as they should digestively.

My skin has always been a challenge for me, and adding 1 drop of Orange oil to the super Twenty8 toner compress always helps combat the dry and dull nature, whilst being a one minute self-care ritual that I adore.

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4. Geranium

This powerful ‘balancing’ oil helps to regulate the hormonal system. It’s always in that morning diffuser blend, and so lovely to bathe in when just feeling off balance.

Placed in a spritzer bottle (2 drops) with Ylang Ylang (1 drop) and orange (3 drops), it is the spray that often gets me through the busy day. I can close my eyes for just a moment (not driving!) and inhale. And a pretty special spray for the congested skin at the same time.

If you’re someone who suffers from PMT or menopause, this little beauty may very well be your saving grace.

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These oils have the ability to transport us away from what is, into a better way of showing up for those around us and for our own experience of life. Challenge always shows up, how WE show up (not just in public) is the real teller of how proud you will be of your life.

I invite you to receive a complimentary review and recommendation of the best suited oils for your emotional situation. Simply explain what is happening right now, in terms of the emotions that are usually on display, and let me know how you would prefer to be showing up each day. Share your insights here.

Take care and be well,
Erin xx