Tips for stress minimisation during COVID-19

And here are the links for stress minimisation during COVID-19:

  1. To reduce growing collective fear consciously decide how you will distance yourself
    1. Take apps off your phone or choose to refresh at a particular time of the day
    1. Choose one news source and once updated daily, turn off
    1. Choose to reduce conversations and language around things outside of our control
  2. To reduce the fear of losing something you identify as important
    1. Complete the Life Fulfilment Grid to bring perspective to areas of life that are within your control and going well:
    1. As many times as possible throughout the day, using phone alerts or post it notes, shift attention from the area of life at risk, to another area of life that you’re grateful for to raise optimism and reduce the Amygdala’s fear response.
    1. Bring additional pattern interrupt triggers into your day to raise the opportunity for conscious judgement, creativity, logic and emotional intelligence
  3. To reduce the fear of uncertainty
    1. Take a free lesson from my Body Reset program on Values Clarification to bring a sense of certainty in uncertainty:
  4. To raise immunity, conviction and to tame the damaging fear response, ramp up the frequency of as many stress minimising practices as possible:
    1. Sleep
    1. Nutrition (download Simplifying Food Framework here for free to support all organ systems and cellular function:
    1. Mindfulness practices
    1. Meditation daily
    1. Journaling
    1. Self-Compassion
    1. Self-Care
    1. Optimism strategies
    1. Creative visualisation
    1. Reduce other stress triggers within your control

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Take care and be well,

Erin xx