The Truth About Calories

THE TRUTH ABOUT CALORIESv- a lesson in long-term health and wellbeing.

It’s time to stop playing a game of mathematics at every mouthful and instead learn some truths about your body.

Your metabolism isn’t just affecting your weight (although this seems to be a common-day narrative). Your metabolism is your body’s process of turning calories that you consume into energy that your body uses. It enables a mind-boggling range of chemical reactions to take place inside your body, without your instruction, that keep you alive.

Your metabolism is impacted by your muscle mass, emotional stress, physical stressors, toxic load inhaled, consumed, absorbed through our skin. Affected by your ethnicity and your history of physical, emotional and nutritional choices. We’ll touch on these during this podcast season, but for now, there’s a really big metabolism-disruptor these days. It’s at the core of this lesson. It begins as young as 10-years old for some, sadly. 

The relentless need to count calories and restrict them……


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