The thing about our body and food.

You have 11 organ systems, over 50 trillion cells, and trillions of micro-organisms communicating in a synergistic fashion to keep you energised, calm, focussed and aware.

Miraculous when you truly grasp its genius.

But it takes fuel. Vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, bacteria, hydration…….

We’re happy to fill up our car with good quality fuel, yet we’re choosing to fill our body with muck, and we’re frightened to eat enough to fill the systems even if we’re choosing well. The outdated calorie equation still drives many choices.

If we don’t hastily heal our relationship to our bodies and food, it is inevitable that we will experience;

– Mental + Emotional Instability 

(anxiety, depression, irritability, anger, self-doubt, self-criticism, fear)

– Weight Challenges

(less than optimal health, energy and self-confidence)

– Chronic Pain + Inflammation

(auto-immune, skin conditions, muscle or joint pain, bloating, headaches)

– Self-Sabotaging Behaviours 

(conscious and unconscious)

– Fatigue 

– Impaired Immunity

– Low Grade Habits + Performance

The gift is that we know so much about what is optimal. It’s actually not overly complicated.

The curse is that the moment by moment decisions are 100% up to us, and they don’t drive pleasure in the short term.

Still, the choice is ours.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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