The Tech Blame Game

We blame it. 

And when we do we place any control we have over the situation, elsewhere.

But of course we do that, because it means we don’t have to have take a good look at what we’re choosing for our kids. We don’t have to take personal responsibility.

But the pain comes anyway.

Because you know in your heart, when they choose to lunge for a device over the possibility of human connection, that we’re teaching them to seek happiness in all the wrong places.

To constantly distract from what is present and good in life as it is.

Connection is collapsing. Cortisol is soaring. Their immune system weakening.

Research shows that being disconnected from the people around you has the same effect on your health as being obese.

And then, just to make things harder, we’re allowing a bombardment of the social message of consumerism. We’re teaching our children to behave in an extrinsic manner. 

It causes them to prioritise shoddy values over intrinsic motivating values that allow them to experience life in a positive way, regardless of the external landscape.  

It teaches them that money and status are what we should strive for. 

And there’s NO research anywhere that shows that happiness is found in these places.

And then we wonder why they’re not happy. Why they need medication to escape a feeling of despair and loneliness.

They desperately need us take responsibility, and yes, we’re all still learning how to do that.

But the blame game is certainly not the answer.

It starts with questioning necessity, and setting boundaries.

Clear, communicated and enforced.

For self.

For children.

Are you with me?