The Small Wins

‘Doing’. It’s a societal epidemic. 

The days are full, yet when we get to the end of each, we question what was truly achieved. 

We ruminate over all the things we didn’t get done, unaware of or overlooking all the things we did.

The problem lies within the lack of intention behind the doing.

If we do not have clear intentions of our daily, weekly, and monthly behaviours which contribute positively to our most important areas of life, how on earth do we decide which actions need to be taken each day? So, we just ‘do’ for doing’s sake.

When we set intentions however, it allows us to celebrate small wins. 

To sit in a moment of optimism that elevates our Neocortex (human potential), tames the stress inducing Amygdala, and inhibits autopilot (repetition of our past behaviours).

Setting intentions and then celebrating small wins enhances our self-perception and attitude. 

We build momentum, optimism, and resilience.

And there’s also that added bonus of a dopamine rush to assist in boosting intrinsic motivation to repeat those intentional behaviours.

Go forth intentionally……

Take care and be well,

Erin xx