The Relentless Stress Driver


The GAP.

The GAP between the outer world (who you show up as)and the inner world(who you really believe yourself to be).

We’re constantly reminded (aware or not),when the GAP is big. 

Self-doubt. Low self-confidence. Self-sabotage. Anger. Procrastination. 

I want to share a simple example of how THE GAP is so easily created, and causes conflict. 

Say you want ‘deep relationships’. 

But you also want your friends to believe your house is always clean. 

And it’s not. 

So here’s the conflict. 

You can’t deepen the relationship without ‘popping in’ by your friend being available. And you can’t pretend to have your life in order if it’s not.

So you two choices

Learn how to keep your house clean.

Or change the status your sending to the world. 

The GAPS are everywhere in your life. 

You can’t escape self enquiry, if you want what you want out of life.

Take care and be well,


1:1 wellbeing and personal possibility coaching is over and out for 2018.

You can set yourself up for a cracking 2019 though.