The Purpose Pursuit

If at this point in time you’re seeking your ‘life purpose’ and you’re struggling to find it, let me tell you, that’s a good thing. Purpose isn’t something we should seek to attain and tick the box on.

And over identifying with any one purpose or thing in life is quite dangerous. You could spend years chasing this ‘one purpose’ and never get there, or even if you do, it can get taken away in an instant, or the motivation within that purpose, as you grow as a person, will most likely simply wear off.

So often people share with me, how they feel lost. Unmotivated, and just not sure what brings that sense of meaning and fulfilment to them, they’ve often forgotten what really lights up their days and feeds their vitality. They think there is something wrong with them.

And I want to say, please call the purpose search party off. 

Thing is. Our lives, the moment we’re born have purpose. We are having an impact with every single person we are next to.  We just tend to rush over the top of it or spend too much time on social media questioning and confusing ourselves.

But even knowing this, if you’re feeling a little restless, then it makes me happy. Because it simply means you still have ambition burning inside of you. It means you’re still growing as a person and not standing still. It means you’re capable of experiencing so much more in this short life we have.

But I will also share that what you do in this feeling you have of confusion and restlessness about meaning and purpose, it matters. It matters a lot.

In that moment of restlessness, there is not nothing wrong with you, there’s nothing to fix, but there is one hell of opportunity to step up and grow. To change the way you see yourself and what you’re capable of.

The sooner we say goodbye to this nonsensical, societal belief that if you’re not changing the world, or everyone isn’t shouting your name, or you don’t have 1 million followers on socials…the sooner we eradicate that nonsense, we realise this purpose is more of a mindset than something to achieve. It’s a perception, and this perception is so powerful in driving our daily motivation, vitality and joy (or not).  This perception can intentionally be improved by what we do each day, making a purposeful life, available to us all.

This perception or mindset of ‘purpose’, it’s different. It says, you’re alive, and you’re free to make decisions, you’re even free to change who your family and friends think you are, who you think you are.

If you take a few moments and think about when the first time was that you even thought about this thing called ‘purpose’. When did you first begin to contemplate whether it was present or missing in your life? I’m doubting in your 20’s you stopped and thought ‘what’s my purpose in life?’. You were rare if you did.

Chances are, it was somewhere in the mid 30’s to late 50’s. And that question of ‘am I doing enough for this short life?’ Is this it?’, when that question comes up, it can make us feel great if the answer’s positive, but ohhhh how your stomach hits the ground fast if the answer is not. And that very moment, when you recognise that perhaps there’s more in you, and it may pop into your day quite often doing simple things, driving, emptying the dishwasher….. when that reminder of ‘you had so many grand plans’ comes up, listen. In that moment, there are two choices. It’s I moment I say matters the most.

Tune in here to continue this conversation…….



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