The Purpose Framework

Join me in Episode 11 of the Next Generation Wellness Podcast as I unpack the key pillars of living with a daily sense of purpose and fulfilment!



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Just because you’re not the CEO of a fastest growing company in the world, or saving the at-risk children in the world, it doesn’t mean you don’t have purpose.

Purpose is more of a layering affect, of things that matter, so it’s unique to you, aligned with your values.  Purpose also requires us to pay attention to those layered acts, otherwise, whilst really purposeful acts may exist, we can skim over the top of them, missing the sensation they should bring.

There are a few variables in play when it comes to consistently establishing a daily sense of purpose. I developed a purpose framework because there is little use trying things if we don’t know why we’re trying them and what we’re measuring.

You can break this purpose thing down, see the gaps, and little by little the sense that you are living your life with purpose grows. It even broadens the ‘purpose’ lens so you see it more often in your every day. 

This Purpose Framework draws important data and research in this area, also from the stories of the people I work with, and the severe longing I had to feel it. 

Here’s how it goes.

PURPOSE = being PRESENT and ENGAGED in what you are doing, and in doing so, it brings you GROWTH (in knowledge, character, and self-concept), a sense of SATISFACTION, a feeling of CONTRIBUTION and meaningful CONNECTIONS. 

In order to feel this sensation of purpose, the key pillars to develop and improve upon are:


Tune into the episode here as I unpack how to do that.

We spoke also about the My Best Life Planner for kids and the Character Strengths online assessment.

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