The ‘Leadership’ Label

The ‘Leadership’ label isn’t reserved for corporate governance. 

We are all leaders. Leading at home, in workplaces and in the community.
 Yet, what we learn and what we live, determine how we lead. 
And we each have the capacity to lead dangerously AND remarkably. 
In every moment. 
In every setting.  

The Next Generation Wellness Mission is to positively develop the human behind the leader.
Thousands every year. 

You’re a positive leader when you can guide and deliver exceptionally at work, and still enter your home at the end of the day present, kind and energetic. 
You’re a positive leader if have the self-respect and self-control to look after your physical body and brain. 
You’re a positive leader if you have the emotional literacy and courage to converse around the difficult conversations with perspective, generosity and an ability to set clear boundaries. 
You’re a positive leader, if in the community you’re contributing with the right intentions, and also behind the closed doors of home, you’re that same kind person. 
You’re a positive leader when you have the ability to choose integrity over pleasure. 
You’re a positive leader when you live aligned to your personal values and human needs, rather than doing things to please others. 

There’s usually a gap, which is why we all have work to do. For life.The great news is that neuroscience proves that our ability to expand our potential is limitless. 

Where are your gaps? 

Take care and be well,  Erin xx

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