The greatest risk to well and full life

When contemplating the greatest risk to human kind in living well and full, this is what I see.

Distraction. Reaction. Depletion.

Science and research shows that this common lifestyle truth precipitates:

  • Habitual behaviour
  • In-authentic and misaligned-value behaviours 
  • Heightened pessimism and negativity, and the consequent limiting of the reticular activating system’s ability to see new possibility and opportunity

What does this mean?

We repeat the same experiences of life every single year. 

We experience life in greater self doubt, fear and play life small. 

We are less compassionate to self and others.  

We are in pain, tired, frumpy, impatient and/or moody.

Stepping out of this negative feedback loop doesn’t always require more data. 

It requires greater insight and enquiry, space to gently integrate change, and self-compassion.

So when life gets pressured and busy, and you are drawn to ‘faster’, ‘harder’ and ‘tighter’, pause.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx