The declaration is always uncomplicated.

The behaviours to support the declaration are not.

Present parenting

Personal growth

Fit and healthy

Connected relationships



Emotional Intelligence

Positive Leadership

It doesn’t really matter what the declaration is. 

It fades in its conviction very quickly, as our life returns to normality and the bright guiding light begins to dim.

Before the declaration, it pays to step into self-enquiry;

  • Who (external) and What (internal) will keep me accountable and on path, when the going gets tough (and it will)?
  • How do I learn what I need to do, that I don’t already know? (skip naive repetition of past unsuccessful behaviours)
  • What tools do I use to pattern interrupt auto-pilot (my natural 95% of the day)?
  • How does this declaration align with my core values? 
  • Am I brave enough to go deeper into my unconscious fears and beliefs that placed me where I am, that keep me where I am, and hide so cleverly?
  • What sacrifices will I make, and what gains will I receive?

Try it on before the declaration.

Erin xx

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