The Body

I’ve spent my entire working life actively listening to the challenges people face. And more often than not, so many of those challenges come back to their body. 

Sometimes it’s weight related. 

Sometimes it’s pain related.

Sometimes it’s energy related.

Sometimes it’s mood related.

And sometimes it’s all of these things.

I’ve heard attempts of almost every type that individuals have used to change these body struggles.

And sadly, an awfully high percentage never end up sustainably changing the state of play around weight, mood, inflammation or energy enough to change their experience of life in the direction they would like.

Sooo much head space is spent thinking about it, and as a result, we’re limiting what we can experience each day, what we can contribute each day and how we show up.

Life goes fast. Really really fast. It’s finite. And it saddens me that so many are experiencing it tired, in pain, heavy and unhappy. It saddens me that people believe that they can’t change it, or worse, they don’t even know that there can be a different experience to what is..

Life’s too short to hit snooze every day because you don’t have the energy to get up and out of bed early to live the day fully.

Life’s too short to feel too feel too unmotivated to accomplish more than chores.

Life is too short to be cranky at those closest to you because you’re in pain.

Life’s too short to feel crappy about the way you look.

People are sick of it, I know it. But so many have become so used to that being their norm that they’ve forgotten it is not normal, not how we’re meant to be waking each day feeling. 

So, we’re launching into a new season of the Next Generation Wellness Podcase. A season about your body. 

Because this one and only body you have, holds such a powerful hand in your experience of life.

 Confidence…. or limits.

Personal integrity…… or self sabotage.

Strong connections…. or isolation.

Vibrancy….or fatigue.

 It can lead us resiliently through tough times. It can enable a life that we look back upon with pride during our last days.


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SEASON 2 – The Body

Let go of the stranglehold a societal culture that has you hooked and dependant, outsourcing control, feeling like a failure, with distrust in your body, physically and mentally. 

A culture that tells people that calorie counting is effective. It no longer is, and is dangerous on many levels.

A culture that has people hooked and repeating an ‘all or nothing’ approach to their body and health, and keeping them stuck on the rollercoaster of hope followed by hopelessness.

A culture that has people seeking the one silver bullet (intermittent fasting, green smoothie, boot camp, elixir, tonic, celery juice)- all are good- but they’re not the solution- We’re a much more complex organism for one action to alter its current state.

A culture that tells people they must starve themselves of the enjoyable and social experiences in order to feel vibrant, with a healthy weight, which leads people toward feelings of boredom and isolation, pushing them to self-sabotage.

A culture that says train hard and extreme or you’ll be fat, and pays no attention to the way this can exacerbate stress hormones which are already over functioning in modern times and causing fat storage, nutrient starvation, inflammation and ill health.

A culture that tricks people into believing that as they hit midlife, weight gain, pain, hormonal disruption and fatigue must be their companions.

A culture that tells people that they manage their weight by training and eating strictly through the week, and having Saturday through to Monday as blow outs.

A culture that is so hell bent on botox and chemicals, and forgets to notify how important hormones are, and that these injections and such, aren’t friends with your hormones.

So, this season is about shifting that dangerous culture.

It’s going to be tough. Sometimes you’ll want to give me the finger. I’m ready for that. The alternative concerns me more.

Everything I share, is done so with tactical empathy. I understand. I’m not judging. But I’m also sure as hell not going to sit back empathetically and tell you it’s ok to let yourself down, to outsource blame. No. The misleading culture hasn’t helped you to feel vibrant, but if you want for that, it’s time that you take full responsibility from this moment forward.

You need to shift from a short term mindset to lifetime body experiment mindset. 

And in doing so, you’ll find your needle movers, not mine.

Mine have allowed me to still run and play sport at 41, when the rheumatologists told me that I would it would be hard to walk at 40.

My needle movers allow me to live life fully, in perpetual motion that is fulfilling but not stressful.

My needle movers continue to grow and develop, as will yours.

And every one of them stacks upon the other, to a life of more and more vibrancy and fulfilment.

But your needle movers aren’t the same as mine.

They’re not the same as your PT’s

They’re not the same as your nutritionists or dieticians, GP or Pyschologists.

It’s up to you to develop yours.

And in this season, I will help you to do that.

We’ll be diving into:

  • Stress (in more depth than busyness)
  • Mindfulness without kumbay
  • Food, exercise, restoration, calories, hormones, body communication, metabolic processes…..

But let’s not waste your time on those things first. 

Let’s start at the beginning. With the powerful trait of DISCIPLINE.

Without it, knowledge is useless. Without it actions are never habits. Without it criticism is the predominant narrative. Without it we fail.

Let’s unpack that in Season 2. Episode 2.

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