Successful Behaviour Change.

The subconscious brain controls us between 90-95% of our day.

Yet we kid ourselves into thinking if we just consciously set our mind to a new goal, we’re likely to achieve it. 

95% subconscious driver V’s 5% conscious goal

Do you see the disconnect? Do you see why the thing you so desperately want is still somewhere on the horizon of life?

Four things to remember when we wish to change something:

1. Your thoughts, feelings, abilities, actions and results (aware of them or not), align beautifully with your subconscious self-concept.

2. Youcan’tthink, feel, or act sustainably in a way that is misaligned with your self concept. The auto-pilot math rules.

3. If you don’t love your thoughts, feelings, abilities, actions and results, the subconscious self-concept needs your attention.

4. Your subconscious self-concept can be changed and realigned to match your desired thoughts, feelings, actions and results.

The 4C’s coaching model brings together the gifts of science and research across neuroscience, positive psych, leadership, nutrition, human biology, mindfulness, emotional literacy and exercise physiology.

It shifts the subconscious self-concept, to align with your conscious thoughts, feelings, abilities and behaviour. Sustainably.

It shifts the experience of life.

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Take care and be well,

Erin xx