Simplifying Food

Our bodies are the most remarkable vessels.

 With 11 organ systems constantly working in beautiful synergistic harmony.

With trillions of bacteria communicating for mental wellbeing and emotion calm, managing our addictions and digesting our food.

With trillions of cells functioning and repairing so that we have energy and vitality.

When those systems are nourished and functioning optimally, our experience of life is that of energy, pain free, balanced mood and emotions, and clarity of mind. 

On the flip side, if we have lived a life of calorie restricting diets, processed foods, coffee and alcohol, we have essentially starved, destroyed and inflamed these systems, cells and bacteria.

The result? 

 The very common symptoms of fatigue, poor quality sleep, anxiety, depression, irritability, skin conditions, headaches/migraines, inflammatory conditions, low immunity, weight gain, PMS, menopausal symptoms…….and the list goes on.

Food has become so complicated, so in this Habit Stacker episode, we take the guess work out of knowing what quantities and types of food we should aim to include daily, during 70-80% of our days. 



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