Self Sabotage- Finding the hidden pay off

We never do anything without getting something out of it. The pay-off.

Think about it.

There’s a pay-off for over indulging- comfort, pleasure, distraction……

A pay-off for having self-discipline – satisfaction, pride, health…..

A pay-off for being busy – status, significance, achievement, distraction….

A pay-off for stillness – clarity, perspective, restoration…..

When we really want something, the first step is establishing CLARITY. 

The determination of values, ambitions, intentions and priorities. Coupled with the detection of conflicting unconscious beliefs and intentions that stop us getting what we think we want.

A tiny part of this clarity determination, is in taking the time to question what your personal pay-offs are for both your positive and negative behaviours.

Without clarity, you will always, absolutely, positively, fall short. Stepping into unconscious behaviours for often unconscious pay-offs.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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