Self-Doubt, Inadequacy and Uncertainty

I’m a stickler for structure and schedules. 

I even schedule time for creativity and down time.

Here’s why.

We are most difficult to get along with when we are in self-doubt, feeling inadequate or uncertain.

And often this self-doubt grows as we near-end the day, so we save our worst-self for those we love the most!

Pay attention to your irritability. 

Some days, you experience the negative behaviour of others and the demands of life with ease and patience.

On other days however, the same behaviours and demands send you into anger and less than your best self.

Outside of physical fatigue (not eating, moving or sleeping adequately- a conversation for another time), this irritability is driven when our minds are full of self-doubt and uncertainty.

This is where structure and schedules help.

1. Structure and schedules allow us to consciously place attention on achievement, raising the perception of adequacy, achievement and self-worth.

2. Structure and schedules allow us to raise presence and human potential, thereby reducing the anxious and stressed state, and consequent ‘auto -pilot’ habits (precipitated by the stress response)

3. Structure and schedules reduce the number of available choices needing to be made each minute, and therefore reduces the uncertainty that choice elicits. Intentional behaviour allows us to feel proud of our achievements in a day, rather than reactive and distracted. 

If structure and schedules aren’t your thing, you try and it’s not joyful, then begin with values-determination. 

Schedules are not joyful if they are based on elements that you do not hold as important and energising.

You can schedule your 90min Values + Behaviour Determination Session by contacting me here.

You step away with a clear path for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly actions, non-actions, boundaries, and support. We uncover fears, limiting beliefs, emotional needs, education gaps and non-supporting behaviours. 

You get to show up consistent and proud.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx