Seeking Physical Health and Vitality

SUMMARY: Seeking physical health and vitality

Although my role is to simplify the health and wellness propaganda into simple frameworks for sustainable success, I am challenged by the over simplification of health.

What I often see is the focus on food and exercise as the be all and end all of physical health and vitality. I also see extremes, in that unless you are drinking green smoothies or celery juice, or unless you are paying for some new training program, that you will struggle to achieve physical vitality.

Then there are people doing those things that still lack physical health and vitality.

What I also see is people looking sideways and trying something that has worked for their friend only to fall short.

The reason we are challenged with physical health and vitality is that food and exercise are just two of the many things that contribute. The Next Generation Wellness stress triggers identify 42 areas that can stack up to deplete health and vitality, and yet, most people are just focusing on two.

We are also challenged because each of our bodies are made up differently, have been exposed to different things, and so it makes sense that unless we know what is happening within our unique body, we’re likely to fall short of physical health and vitality.

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