Two biological processes occur as we view our life in each moment.

An unconscious one, where our paradigm (memories, thoughts, feelings, past actions) impacts what we see and how we see it.

Then there is the conscious one.  Where we get to choose what we see and the meaning we place on what we see.

It would make sense to direct our conscious biological processing toward the things that we want to experience more of, or toward the actions that enable the goals we wish to achieve.

The challenge is that stress sends us faster than ever, into the unconscious processing, autopilot, and most of us these days are experiencing some level of stress.

The other challenge is that most of us have absolutely no idea where we should be focussing our attention. Too many options. Too many distractions.

I joined the Spreading The Good Stuff Podcast just a little time ago (one to subscribe to if you are a woman who wants to thrive in your work, wellness, family and community), and I had the pleasure of diving deeper into this knowledge of the brain and human behaviour, and why we fall short on goals that we really want. We also played with some strategies to sure fire enable you to live intentionally, achieving what you actually want in 2019. 

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Bring a pen and paper.

Take care and be well,

Erin  xx