Rewards Don’t Work.

There’s a better way to hit your goals.

Not as ‘nice’ perhaps, yet more effective.

To help you understand why rewards don’t work, let me ask you a question.

“Have you lived your life to date, without some things that you want?” 

The answer is usually a resounding, ‘Yes’.

Makes sense then, if we’ve gotten comfortable not having some things we want in life, that a ‘reward’ is not usually a big enough motivator to see the challenge of behaviour change through to the goal being met. 

And because we’ve fallen short of our goal enough times, and broken promises to ourselves around our behaviours, thennnnnnnn it’s likely you’re not setting stretch ‘rewards’ anyway. After all, do you really have the confidence and conviction that you’ll nail it.

Try this. 

Instead of the reward as the motivation, take away a big thing you already have as a consequence for poor behaviour.

We do it with kids right. It works better than a bribe that loses its pleasure, and then loses its value as a bribe.

You’re the same. More wrinkles, but still a human.

​The truth is, we’re more driven by fear than pleasure. The brain processes fear first. 

So when there is a consequence of something being taken away, something we love, (or having to do something that we don’t like), we are more likely to stay motivated in our actions. We really don’t want the consequence.

Hard approach you may say. 

My response?

‘Success or failure is at stake. How much do you really want to change an area (or two) in your life?’

Here’s How It Looks;

Example Goal: I will go to bed 5 nights of the week before 9.30pm (I hope you know why this is an all important goal)

Example Consequence Of Not Prioritising: No morning coffee, lose 14 days of alcohol, or have sex with my husband (:))))

Share The Goal: ​The last step is that it’s beneficial to have someone else who knows your goal, and who will keep you accountable. Remember, we’re better at letting ourselves down than other people. Unfortunate, but true.

Track The Goal: Whether you find tracking mundane or not, doesn’t matter. If you do not track it, you will break your promise to you.

Take care and be well.

Erin xx

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