Raising Health and Vitality

Put aside the confusion of macro ratios and calories, even the most simple of things food related has become difficult.

After many years becoming well aware of my personal trusted and safe brands, it was still very easy to become a victim to food marketing.

A time poor dash into IGA yesterday for some coconut yoghurt, saw me overlook my trusted Coyo brand and lift an unknown brand off the shelf because it was on special. 

Upon my return home and sneaky taste test, I immediately noticed the ‘fake-ness’, despite the product proudly announcing ‘all natural’ on its external packaging.

All natural does not mean unaltered and healthy.

Provided it is derived from natural initially, manufacturers can stamp this claim.

Here were the not so natural ingredients in order of prevalence;

– Coconut Cream – which may have undisclosed emulsifiers, thickeners and emulsifiers

– Sugar Syrup – which has been derived from sugar, but what type and what else has been added? The hormonal response is to store fat and raise blood pressure. The impact will also be inflammatory, and trigger the mesolimbic dopamine system (addiction/cravings) and lead to leptin resistance over time (regulates appetite)

– Tapioca Starch 

– Fructose – goes straight to liver and manufactures fat and generates inflammation. Increases insulin production (and fat storage), doesn’t reduce Ghrelin, our appetite hormone, and doesn’t give feedback to the brain that food has been received.

– Natural Vanilla Essence – chemically produced and can sometimes have added sugars alongside the alcohol included.

– Live and Probiotic Cultures – which?

See how the body is under pressure? 

See how hormones are being impacted despite the calories consumed (just one example)?

See how we need to be food detectives and take ownership of our choices?

This is just one tiny lesson topic amongst 60+ lessons in Body Reset.

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Our physical health is dependant on much more than calories and exercise.

Our mental and emotional state is dictated by many choices we make, and this is just one example.

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