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The world’s only planner-journal-tutor blending brain, body and behavioural sciences to enable the formation of values-aligned, positive daily habits across:







My Best Life Planner has been strategically developed with the understanding that lifelong patterns and beliefs are developed in childhood, health and wellbeing are on the decline, disconnection and technology addiction are rising, stillness is rare and the world is not set to slow down any time soon.

My Best Life Planner is not only a beautiful keepsake of your child’s self-discovery journey and life skill development,

it’s a tool to change the societal status quo for future generations.


The Winning Formula

My Best Life Planner is underpinned by the Next Generation Wellness exclusive 4Cs Coaching Methodology Pillars, which blend science and research across neuroscience, positive psychology, nutrition, exercise physiology, mindfulness, leadership and emotional literacy 

The Unique Me Pages

The UNIQUE ME Pages guide your child toward curiosity over criticism as their first reaction.

These pages also provide insight into what your child holds most important and what makes them happy. They learn how they can personally support those important areas of life, as well as gently unearthing and nurturing their limiting beliefs and worries.

  • The HAPPINESS GRID and The HAPPY + HEALTHY HABITS Tool are used by your child to identify what they hold most important in their life and what that looks and feels like.

    Your child can then identify the thinking, feeling or doing within their control that enables them to generate personal happiness and health, whilst living each day in alignment of the things they hold important.

  • The MY SNEAKY BRAIN tool takes your child on a journey of personal fear discovery, and  the stories their sneaky brain tells which steal their daily joy and confidence.

    This tool may be used during worrying times to broaden your child’s emotional literacy skills and guide them safely and mindfully through challenging emotions. 

  • The HEALTHY FOOD Page educates your child on important daily habits around brain and body nourishment for health and happiness.

    They use this information during their Plan My Day ritual where prompts are present to prompt them in positive choices.

    Your child’s body is made up of over 50 trillion cells, trillions of bacteria  and many organ systems each powered by what they eat, how they breathe and the thoughts they think. My Best Life Planner gives their body a better chance at vitality; physically and mentally.

    THE EVERYDAY PAGE -90-days, undated

    The EVERYDAY PAGE ensures that your child’s daily decisions and actions are aligned and supportive of their ‘Unique Me’ findings and goals. These everyday rituals build self-confidence, self-care, self-acceptance, self-discipline, self-compassion and self-respect.

    • The PLAN MY DAY Ritual is your child’s daily tool to tame the Amygdala, reduce the stress response, live with intention and presence and raise productivity.

      These pages also contain essential behaviour prompts to incorporate into their everyday to advance their physical and mental vitality.

      Your child will also integrate their home contribution chores into this space to build personal responsibility and accountability, whilst helping parents to minimise their load.

    • The MORNING INTENTION JOURNAL helps to highlight behaviour and goal conflicts, inputs new and positive data into the brain and provides self-directed focus and structure to your child’s day. They also bring important rituals into their everyday around optimism, connection, contribution, self-compassion, personal responsibility and productivity.
    • The EVENING REFLECTION + DISCOVERY JOURNAL allows your child to close off the day and its concerns. It offers them a moment of reflection to unearth key learnings around their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, as well as a pre-bedtime visualisation of their happiness grid.


      The FAMILY DINNER NIGHT SCORECARD offers structure to one of the most important family rituals for happiness, connection and belonging.

      My Best Life Planner provides a Family Dinner Night Framework for you to successfully lead your children through important life learning with ease.

      • The HAPPINESS GRID SCORECARD allows your child to reflect back across their entire week and score themselves on how each happiness area felt, why it felt that way and set a new behaviour to make each area even better moving forward.

        It teaches the skills of self-reflection, personal responsibility, intention and self-compassion.

      • The FAMILY CONTRIBUTION Scorecard allows your child to determine three forms of contribution within their family through their identification of self-chosen chores.

        Each week at your Family Dinner Night, your children will tick whether they completed their contribution or not. You are welcome to set rewards around these contribution items, whether that be a monetary reward or something else they hold important (eg; a family movie night!)

      • The HAPPINESS GRID GOAL SETTING gifts your growing child the freedom of choice and direction to their week ahead. It forms the foundation of self-reflection for your next Family Dinner Night.

      Whilst all of this goodness may sound complicated, My Best Life Planner is designed for simplicity, layering tiny learning and habits on top of each other,  which over time leads to a purposeful, happy and healthy life experience.

       Product Specs: 115 colourfully designed pages. 8.4″x11.5″. 90-day undated planner with additional activities, quotes and learnings.





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