Ground Me Synergy Blend



This exclusive, one off, limited-edition blend is perfect for the mind and body and especially good the soul during the Autumn season. A combination of clove, ginger, lime, orange and rosemary it is the most wonderful blend to support you through the season of harvesting, transitioning, comforting and grounding. Use this spicy, citrus-like aroma in your vaporiser, in a spritzer and as an exquisite compress. You can trust this blend through all kinds of change. It is an incredible ‘body boosting’ oil to start your day and anchors in the importance of being grounded and calm. It also helps in the art of pausing.

As you breathe in its magnificence you will feel its magic come to life. It is the perfect blend for strength, stability and improved awareness. It is the oil for greater connection and for putting your roots down. Place one drop on your hand and rub together then close your eyes, place over your face and breathe it in asking for the guidance, support, signals or answers you desire. Just put the question out there, and be grateful that at last there is an oil to ‘Ground Me’. This is a limited edition release with only 200 bottles available for purchase.

Autumn – a time to ground

As each new season arrives many people experience a change in their emotions, mood and even behaviours. The ‘winter blues’, ‘summer highs’, ’spring romance’ and ‘autumn colours’ are visual feelings that come to mind! Each season holds its own energy and can affect more than just mood; sleeping patterns, eating habits, exercise routines, social connections, even sexual behaviours can all change.

The mental health realm have realised there is a huge connection between mood disorder and the seasons, with ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’, also known as SAD.

Not everyone is effected by the change in season, many enjoy the changes and look forward to cooler or warmer temperatures, leaves changing colour or the promise of bulbs blooming.

If we take a closer look there is an innate knowing that winter is the time to withdraw, slow down and nurture oneself more. Spring is often associated as being the more passionate, frisky, romantic and inspirational season! Summer is the season of love, joy, happiness and laughter. And autumn is the season to harvest, transition, gain comfort and ground oneself.

If we choose to focus on what each of the season brings it is a wonderful way to anchor in the blessings that come with it and relate them directly into our own life. Enjoy!