This statement from a GP was partly right.

Right from his paradigm. The paradigm that says that problems can be fixed by something injected or consumed

But we all know that the body is more complex and superb than one single action and one single affect.

The mind blowing, synergistic work of bacteria will not be optimal by simply popping a tablet or eating fermented foods.

Better than not. But not optimal.

If you’re doing this, and hoping for some magic, read on….

Probiotics don’t work when we raise our acid levels in the body, feeding pathogenic bacteria and harming beneficial bacteria. 

Acid levels raise when we;

  • eat too many acidic foods and not enough alkaline foods (the balance is off with most Australians)
  • drink acidic (coffee, alcohol, tap water, soda water, juices)
  • are busy in mind and body, thoracically breathing, creating acid inside the body in the stress state

Probiotics also won’t work effectively when we’re;

  • consuming too many heavy metals (water, food), so the good bacteria have to sacrifice themselves to eliminate the metals from the body
  • using chemicals in our personal care and cleaning environment, killing off bacteria  
  • taking antibiotics or ibuprofen  

And Probiotics won’t work simply by including them inconsistently. 

Not in the world we live in today.

More complex than a tablet or sauerkraut don’t you think?

Worth pondering what we do. 

And if you need guidance and a framework, consultations are closed for 2018, but available now to book in for 2019, ensuring it is an energetic, mood-managed and successful 2018.

Take care,

Erin xx