I know of no human who has escaped the super-hold of this emotion.

And it happens for two reasons.

You have overloaded your cognitive filing system


Your bacteria and biochemistry is messed up

If you’re a thinker and doer like me, this state of overwhelm would send you unconsciously into a‘faster, tighter and harder’way of being and acting – into over-functioning anxiety.

For others, it would place you into under-functioning anxiety – paralysed and procrastinating.

I teach many methods to stop overwhelm controlling your experience of life, but here is just one.

1. You must first recognise your initial and unique signs of overwhelm

For me, it’s when I start talking faster (yes, it’s possible), become impatient when people are explaining something (especially my family), and I multi-task to a WHOLE other level –ineffectively.

2. Then PURGE

Get it all out on paper and ruthlessly prioritise. 

You will struggle right here if you are not 100% clear on your top personal values. You’ll continue to experience life overwhelmed, reactive and distracted.

Interestingly, I never get to some of the things that I put on that list, which proves that some of the items causing overwhelm are actually not important for life success. Yet, in cognitive overload, everything is urgent and important.

3. Then at this time, ask for help more than you give it

Saying ‘yes’ is not the same as ‘contribution’.

Martyrdom does not bring joy and vitality.

If your life experience is lived in consistent overwhelm, be sure to check into your internal bacteria and biochemistry. It matters. 

Contact me, if you’re needing support with your overwhelm, bacteria and biochemistry, or your personal values determination. 

Take care and be well,

Erin xx