Overcoming the feeling of Inadequacy

At least 95% of people have their lives afflicted by feelings of inadequacy. This lack of ‘worthiness’ also handicaps happiness and success.

It’s a high percentage, considering that this inadequacy is not originating from fact, rather an interpretation of experiences and fact.

Research also shows that it’s not the knowledge that we are inferior in an area that interferes with our lives, rather the feeling that this knowledge elicits.

The feeling comes to life because we measure and judge ourselves based on other people’s norms.

So, it makes sense that we can begin to control the feelings of inadequacy by intentionally determining ‘what’ and ‘whose’ norms we are measuring upon.

Of course this also requires interrupting auto-pilot thinking and feeling and a serious reduction in the use of social media.

Try it on, and if you need help with the auto-pilot interrupt, that’s what the 4Cs Methodologyhelps you do.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx