Our mental health problem isn’t just mental.

It’s the cumulative impact of a challenged modern-day CULTURE.





There’s a shift beyond brain chemistry required.

And that shift is about bringing back healthier individualsthrough positive behaviours, not pills.

It’s about slowing the pace of life and learning the skills to adapt differently to chronic daily stress, in order to move away from the burnt out, impatient, frantic, moody and energy-less human that is.

It’s about reducing chemical accumulation and toxicity from food, personal care and home care products currently affecting biochemistry and physiology.

It’s about living intentionally with technology so that we use its power positively, and purposely, yet still value and prioritise human interaction and connection.

It’s about expanding self-awareness, optimism, compassion and contribution,for greater fulfillment and happiness, and shifting from the reliance on food, caffeine, alcohol or spending which currently fill the void.

It’s about getting in nature, to reduce the ego and small thinking as the studies show.

It’s about creating homes that aresupportive, connected, calm and compassionate, rather than rushed, cluttered, unkind and resentful.

It’s about enlarging inner confidence + courage, so as competition and comparison has no influence and we can experience life beyond what currently is.

There’s a shift beyond brain chemistry required.

And that is why the 4Cs Methodology came to life. Through the broad science and research, not a single modality. And it just takes baby steps. One step at a time.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx