On seeking greater presence

Greater presence may very well be desired, but just like ‘more time’, ‘more money’, ‘more energy’………it doesn’t instantly appear. 

We can do our very best to try. 

This is what most people do.

But we have competing priorities, noise in our heads and 101 kinds of fear.

All of these work synergistically together to place us in auto-pilot.

And when this happens, we farewell desired presence and any other behaviour change we seek.

We can do it a different way however, a way that actually works.

We can shine a light on the competing priorities, noise in our heads and the 101 kinds of fear that precipitate the stress response and auto-pilot.

We can unearth new pockets of space, clear the noise and shift the fear of fear.

And just at this time, the coveted ‘presence’ arrives…….

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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