OK. It’s a dangerous word



It’s a dangerous word.


​Human potential is so much greater than just ‘OK’.

‘I’m OK’

‘I eat OK’

‘Work is ok’

‘My marriage is ok’

‘My body is ok’……


Most of us secretly desire exceptional lives.

But ‘OK’ is the norm, not the exception.


‘OK’ places us in a thinking space of downward comparison. 

‘I’m doing better than them, so I’m ok’

Sometimes we even kid ourselves into believing that downward comparison is gratitude. It’s not.


Becoming the exception (AKA experiencing an exceptional life) requires us to be in the space of healthy upward striving. 

‘What is possible?’

‘What do I need to learn that I do not know, to become the person I dream of being and experience the life I wish to live?’


Where are you settling for ‘ok’?


Take care and be well,

Erin xx

​P.S There are many of us humans who have a blurry vision.

Not actually clear on who we want to become and what we need to learn.

I can help you with that.