No Green Smoothie Will Save You If You Miss This

If you’ve fallen short of sustainably and consistently implementing health changes in the past, you need to know this.

You’re not hopeless.

Despite your best attempts to make some positive behavioural changes this January, eventually research shows that over 80% of people will fall short again.

One reason is because we are trying to change a physical problem with a physical action.

And I assure you, we are each more complex, unique and multi-faceted than that.

This is part of what occurs without your conscious awareness……...

You’ve decided on your new goals and actions for 2020.

Now, each time you wish to act, or each time you think of your goal, your Pre-frontal Cortex is deciding what your next steps should be.

Your Amygdala (Alarm Centre) will be registering any unconscious and conscious fear, uncertainty and doubt within 10-milliseconds.

It will then send a signal to your Motor Cortex (Action Centre) to continue or stop based on your history.

Your unconscious fear and emotional circuitry will also go into overdrive, and precipitate your autopilot habitual behaviours.

All without you consciously doing a thing!

So, in order to consistently and sustainably do what you know needs doing to reach your goals, you’ll need more than a green smoothie (and best not start me off on the tangent of the missing elements and the blood sugar/fat storing response of most smoothies being produced).

You’ll also need to rewire that brain.

You’ll also need to raise physical, mental, emotional and social stress resilience so that auto-pilot habits don’t fire so quickly.

Then it takes pattern interruption at key transition periods through the day to input new data.

So if you’d like to do it so much differently than what the current multi-billion dollar, addictive industry would have you do to reach your health, weight and vitality goals this year, pop over here and read carefully. (Note: some of you are already joining me, and if this is you, please pass this onto someone you know will benefit the gorgeous journey with you)

Body Reset is so much more than a quick fix, diet, magic potion, tonic, cleanse, elixir, online program, bootcamp or appointment.

And because you are a complex and unique human being, it needs to be so.

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