Needs and Wants


A typical day can be filled with 2 things; 

Things you need to do (your responsibilities) and things you want to do (that is, your goals). 

The two big challenges today.

1. The things you want to do (goals) have been replaced by pleasures. Pleasure is a bandaid for a lack of meaningful action, and it wears out quickly.

2. Technology has increased the opportunity for distraction, stealing intention. This makes the efficiency of the things you need to do (your responsibilities) less effective, leaving no time for the want to do’s (goals). 

If you are caught in the constant ‘need to do’s’ (responsibilities) and filling the void with pleasure, we miss out on the want to do’s (goals). The goals elicit growth, expansion, and an experience of life to be proud of. 

Time rolls past quickly, and turning the current norm around takes;

1. Clarity on intentions, ambitions, needs, values, goals…….(wants). Don’t confuse with pleasure items.

2. Productivity planning daily to allow intentional actions to win over distraction and reactivity.

3. Consistency!

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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