My Child May Die

My child may die

The worst realisation for a parent, second only to it actually occurring. 

I am blessed that the latter did not occur with our dear Daughter, but I tell you what, when the realisation hits that your child may die (if you haven’t experienced it), there is an absolute stillness and silence in your mind and body.  Not a pleasant yoga-like silence, but an empty, heavy, suffocating silence.  It is one of those periods in life that down the track you struggle to recollect, because it was too painful at the time for the brain to digest to memory.

After personally having that experience, coupled with my education in health and wellness, I am gravely concerned by the choices that I witness parents making for their children en mass daily.

This generation of children is predicted to be the first most likely to die before their parents and to make it worse, their parents may be the cause!

What if your realisation 5, 10, 20, 30 years down the track is;

“my child may die ………and I am the cause’

I can’t even comprehend the pain in that situation.

No one is perfect and many of us are learning to make better choices for our families.  It is a learning journey that will never end, particularly due to the fast paced, artificial, cheap and dangerous world we live in.   A world which is evolving rapidly in the wrong direction.  The good news for most of us is that it is not too late to start that journey.

We can always;

  1. Simplify food.

Just eat real food.   Don’t concern yourself with superfoods right now, just make sure it’s not out of a packet.  Don’t for one second tell me that real food is too expensive.
I am not talking organic. Sit down now and begin to prioritise where you spend your money.  Nothing is as important as health.  

You do not have to change everything at once.  In fact, I would encourage you to start stupendously small and build only when you have that one thing under control.

If you need some guidance, click here.

  1. Simplify exercise.

Get everyone off the couch.

Don’t tell me that there isn’t enough time.  It’s just a cop out.  If death or exercise were your two options, which would you pick?  I don’t mean that you have to join a gym, boot camp or have a PT.   You don’t have to spend money at all.  I just mean get up and move with purpose everyday.   

Don’t tell me that you don’t like exercising.  Liking it is not actually the point.  I will say though, that it makes it a lot easier if you can find something fun.  I don’t know what it is for you, perhaps dancing like a maniac?  Is it solo, is it with company? Is it inside or out? 


  1. Have the same rules for both ourselves and our children.

Put an end to the next new weightloss program, shakes, pre-packaged meals………. You may see rapid results now, but with absolute certainty I know that you will end up worse off in the long run.  These substitutes for real food show zero accountability for the behaviour that got you where you are and model unsustainable, unhealthy behaviours in front of your children.

Why spend copious amounts of money on toxic diet supplements/shakes/ meals, when you could actually redirect it to good healthy food for EVERYONE in the family?


  1. Stop searching

News flash; there is no quick fix to weight loss that will last the years.  There is no easy way to be healthy. 

Mark Twain said “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” And I would add ‘80% of the time’ (but don’t distort the 80%).

Need help to change your habits for the long term? 


  1. Be constantly mindful that your children usually become mini versions of you

Do you want them to have the same mental battles around health, exercise, self-esteem, weight, energy…………………… or do you want them to look at you later in life and say, ‘Thanks. I am glad I am your child’.

 It is certainly ok if right now you are feeling a little uncomfortable, worried or angry at me for being so blunt.  It just means that below the excuses and lies that you have told yourself for so long, you actually know it to be true.  What is not ok is sitting on those feelings and not showing the courage to ask for help and make a start.  I have not written this with the intention to cause pain or guilt, but as a wake up call to many.  Every decision have a large effect!