Micro-Moment #3 – The Coffee Cup


Is it your go to morning ritual?

Followed by the evening ritual of a wine?

It’s ok, were not touching on that today, because I believe positive behaviour change is a stepping stone approach, and considering no one has that time available in December,  let’s simply take a look at the coffee cup today.  

If you choose to drink coffee (and I love a good quality coffee, I’ve just decided I don’t need its addictive and liver loading affects daily), please do me a favour…………………..

Most of us know to avoid BPA in our plastics, however it can be worthwhile considering how often we sip through our plastic takeaway coffee cups. Bisphenol A can be found in many other areas outside of plastic containers, such as inside the lining of canned foods, on eftpos receipts and certainly in the lids of our take away cups.  So whilst you may have been super cautious and removed the BPA containing storage plastics and drink bottles in your home, have you taken a micro-moment to consider the takeaway coffee cup?

When BPA is heated, such as from the steam from a hot cuppa, BPA will leach into the drink and we consume it. BPA is a known endocrine disruptor, meaning it will affect the production, metabolism or affect of hormones within the body. The long term affect of this hormone mimicry, can certainly lead to cell breakdown, dysfunction and cancer.  So the moral of the story of this simple micro-moment, is to reduce the take away coffee cup use and in turn reduce the addition of undigested plastic into our bodies. We already have 1kg in our bodies on average!

Avoid plastic where you can……even BPA free products have their dangers. With new chemicals coming into the market place regularly to replace those that consumers are educated about, there will be no conclusive studies to their long term risks for some years.

Until next time, take care and be well,