Micro-Moment 1 – The Toilet!

MICRO-MOMENTS are tiny pockets of space

Intentionally created

So that you can experience


Despite the hustle of life!

This fortnight is a double whammy. Eliminating a common hazardous home product loaded with dangerous chemicals, and replacing it with an avenue to breathe diaphragmatically in order to support our adrenals and communicate to our body that we are safe.  There are so many things in our modern life which lead to chronic stress levels, and negatively impact us emotionally and physically, and breathing is such a fabulous tool. Try it just like this, in the one space in your home that you can make a haven (or a hideaway!)

Our signature ‘Being’ Mists serve to reduce chemical load as well as blending neuroscience and plant science to shift how we show up each day!

Take care + be well,

Erin x