Meet Erin Barnes

I want to share with you the culture I wish to change.

It’s small. It’s simple. But it has an outstanding impact on our next generation.


Achieving wellness is extreme.

This culture stops many from even starting the journey.

It keeps others perpetually learning, yet never fully integrating.

Neither works in leading our next generation of children to wellbeing and personal possibility.

Then there’s those who are incorporating superb habits, but it feels like there is still an impossible mountain to climb to be ‘good enough’ comparatively to the wellness and personal growth gurus.

And everyone’s lives are already so full. They don’t have time for more ‘to do’s.


Wellness that is value driven and enabling, rather than comparative and extreme.

For us.

For our next generation.

(Note: “Extreme” is a perception. The perception of extreme becomes a truth for us, when we follow someone else’s process without addressing how it fits with our view of the world and values, and our current position in relation to the new behaviour)


The tiny pockets of space that they do have available, to be fun and social.

Pleasure and purpose combined.

To be known and trusted.

To enjoy a coffee or chocolate without stressing about liver failure or oestrogen dominance.

To have a beautiful glass of wine without stress and pressure driving them to consume 10 and then feel regret!

To strive for superb experiences, without situational comparison and guilt for those who have less.

To have consistent energy and optimism.

To be remembered for contributing to better, for kindness, for standing for something, for showing up well, for being the ultimate all-rounder, a leader from within.


We can achieve and lead wellness, without the fear of losing these things.

We can strive for more in life, without being seen as greedy.


The Cold. Hard, Truth.

Not everyone wants to feel fantastic. Not everyone wants to live a full and purposeful life.

Some people fight really hard to stay living small and unhealthy. Some others fight to be right, and will never expand because of this crossed-armed-ness.

Not every workplace leader wants to be affiliating and enabling. Some love to save status through demeaning and dictatorship.

I have let those people go. No judgement.

I don’t seek to change the view of these people, nor desire to.

There’s enough of the other type of person, to elicit change.


I rely on this person. It may just be you.

Theyre already full (contributing, being healthy, relatively conscious, and purpose driven)

Theyre slight FOMOs (fear of missing out), juggling the desired JOMO (joy of missing out)

They love fun, and certain choices around wellness create fear of missing out on that fun (total perception. Only the truth when we try the extremes of wellbeing)

Theyre committed and appreciate personal effort. Not a dabbler (or at least committed to the release of dabbling)

Theyre someone that influences (whether aware of it or not), driven to expand self, then lead others.

Theyre enablers – they lift others up 

They have the whisper of knowing theyre capable of more, but doubt, fear or perceived restrictions keeping them in status quo.

They have a posture of responsibility, connection, curiosity, mindfulness + authenticity.

 Do you know this person?


I’ve been entrenched in the wellness industry for 20 years.

It’s been broad learning and integration.  It had to be.

Positive Psychology, Nutrition, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Advanced Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Meditation Diploma……

Always seen by others as healthy. But there was a lot of unhealthy.

Rheumatoid Arthritis from 19yrs- 28yrs.

Hyper-striving perfectionism 

High-functioning anxiety


Superbly low self-confidence

Imposter syndrome

But twenty years of learning and values based integration has shifted those things.

I now create a science and research based, sustainable and integrative approach to stress reduction.

Elevating wellbeing and personal possibility.

Taking the complex propaganda in the health and wellness sector, I transform it into simple frameworks and value based, sustainable behaviours.

Educating and empowering with my unique 4 C’s Coaching Methodology:


Transparency of values, ambitions, intentions and priorities.


A shift in the personal paradigm.

Those habits, beliefs and opinions that people have hoarded unconsciously.

The paradigm that keeps them falling short of what they want.

Keeps them getting the same of the same.

It guides them, whether they’re aware of it, or not.

We command the dream voice to shout louder than the doubt voice.


We’re usually distracted, reactive and over 95% on autopilot.

We change that up with transition strategies and focus triggers.

We transform complexity into simple frameworks to integrate sustainably.


Enabling perseverance over pleasure.

A bias for committed, focussed, intentional, value driven and purposeful action.


– Bachelor of Applied Science (BAsc) – Human Movement Sciences- encompassing nutrition, psychology and exercise science
– Advanced Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
– Certificate 3 + 4 in Fitness – Personal Trainer
– L2 Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Coach with a focus in positive psychology
– Master Mindfulness Practitioner
– Certified Twenty8 Health & Lifestyle Educator in aromatherapy, chemical free skincare and essential oils
– Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT)
– Sports Trainer

I am blessed to live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, with my encouraging husband and two edifying children and love having energy and being social.  I enjoy a great glass of wine, an amazing coffee and chocolate without guilt, but I also can’t go without my real food, veggies and smoothies.  I am energised most days by the beach, yoga, strength training and generally being active.

I do what I say I am going to do.

My values are Integrity and Wellbeing.

I invite you to join the movement.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx