Indulgence takes preparation, not starvation.

You have a pleasure-indulgent event coming up tonight. How do you prepare?

I’m always surprised by the preparatory action of the indulger-to-be.

Most mess it up.

When you ditch emotions linked with body shape and appearance, and bring back good old common sense, it’s quite astounding how you can balance social and health.

Let’s me explain.

When you have a big trip planned, and you want your car to be reliable and last the distance, do you prepare your car with quality fuel, or refrain from putting anything in just in case you over fill it? 

Of course you fill it with quality fuel, check the tyres and do everything within your control to ensure the car makes the distance with minimal risk of error and breakdown.

Your body is exactly the same. So, next time you plan to starve yourself before a pleasure inducing night out, pause, and sift through the emotions long enough to revive common sense.

Would it not be better to fill your body with foods and drinks that support liver function and detoxification? 

Don’t miss Wednesday evening Love Thy Liver workshop over a glass of wine and grazing platter as I teach you all about this vital organ, and how to support it while living a full and social lifestyle.

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Take care and be well,
Erin xx