How to Define and Move Through Loss

SUMMARY: How to Define and Move Through Loss

There is never a stormy night that does not pass.

But when we are in it, it doesn’t feel like that, and we cannot make the storm go away. The only thing we can do is bring focus and attention back to our behaviours, our thinking and our feelings. But in order to do this and move through this loss safely, we must first define the loss.

We’ve each lost things. Different things, during Covid-19. But this training is relevant when we lose anything, at any stage of life. We must always define the loss to move through it.

Right now we’ve lost finances, businesses, livelihoods. We’ve lost sport, whether that’s participating in it, our children playing it or watching it.

We have lost human connection with people outside of our homes and our workplaces.

We may have lost a sense of freedom.

We may have lost health.

And we are all experiencing this collective loss of the world as we knew it.

Tune into this lesson to learn how to better define and move through loss, breaking down the ‘big loss’ into cognitive, emotional and behavioural losses, so that you can bring back clarity on your next step and a pathway to identify important daily behaviours- the only thing you actually have control over – to move forward safely.


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