Happiness and Optimism

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Happiness and optimism are vital skills to share with our children. Unfortunately, their not skills most of us learnt growing up and because of the incidence of depression growing every year, these are important skills to consider and lead when raising our children. They are also critical for the enjoyment of our own lives.

Therefore, I thought I would unlock 2 lessons from Reset For Kids for you to grow your superb parenting skills for the next 7 days!

The first video lesson within the Foundational Family File allows you to re-define your parenting role. Sometimes we don’t consider this and we risk showcasing generational and familial beliefs without ever questioning them.

The second video lesson within Family File #1 – Happiness + Optimism will share with you the research around these all important skills so that you can guide your children to a life that is fulfilling and optimistic regardless of what happens in their external world.

Raising these skills will reduce Amygdala activation, the fight, fright, flight stress response. Our bodies are not designed to be in this constant stress state, and yet our environment places us all in this state too often. If we can adopt principles of happiness and optimism, we can reduce this stress state.

Happiness and optimism are also vital for creativity, focus, productivity and effectiveness, key skills for life success.

You can access these ADDITIONAL video lessons by joining this free training here.

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