Habit Change Success In Action

Live into your ambitions with greater joy, vibrancy and meaning. In this Habit Stacker episode, I give you an example of habit change success in action.

It’s quick, simple and shows you exactly what you can do in your own life to finally achieve what you seek to achieve.



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From the previous 2 episodes, you know that it’s quite normal that you fall short on what you
want, and how you can change that experience up by following the Next Generation Wellness 4Cs Methodology.

It’s your turn to put the 4Cs Methodology into practice, at a simple level. As you build on this process you literally change your entire life experience.

With your pen and paper ready, let’s begin.


What do you want to change? Think of a life area.

As an example, I choose the area of ‘Parenting and Home Leadership. I wish to show up more present, positively engaged and kind to my children. To lose the mother guilt.

Create a compelling vision that is:

  • Present Tense
  • Specific
  • Optimistic
  • Stretching
  • Personal Values Aligned

When I am with the kids I am present and patient in my communication. We enjoy fun, deep and new experiences together and one to one time. Our abundant finances and time allow us to teach them important life skills and create meaningful memories. We are open and honest, and everyone feels heard and understood.


How do I make this possible? How do I begin to believe this is true about me and who I am?

  • Identify a Transition in your day:
    • Waking in the morning
  • Set an auto-pilot Pattern Interrupt:
    • Calendar alert event in phone daily at wake time that says ‘Breathe. Present. Engaged. Kind.’
  • Set another Transition period:
    • Commuting to school drop off
  • Set an autopilot Pattern Interrupt:
    • Post it not on the dash: Breathe. Present. Engaged. Kind
  • Repeat this process for as many Transitions as you choose.

How do I make this a consistent habit?
What can get in the way of making this a habit and which would drive autopilot of
distraction, reaction, being mean?

Determine key actions that support the vision.

  1. Sleep is important to me. If I don’t get it, I let myself of the hook with important behaviours
    and justify my tiredness as a good reason not to. I also know I am more impatient without it. So, I schedule 3 nights per week to commit to going to bed at 8.30pm. I schedule them into The Whole Life Success Planner for accountability.
  2. Meditation. Every morning before the kids wake up, I commit to this practice. I know that it calms my nervous system, gets all the distraction out, so that I’m more intentional and present.
  3. Use The Whole life Success Planner to:
    • A) Read my vision of how I want to parent and lead at home daily to change what the Reticular Activating Systems seeks to find evidence and opportunity for
    • B) To plan my day so that I am intentional and not distracted
    • C) Schedule these above sleep and mediation actions intot the day
    • D) Follow the Morning Attitude and Intention prompts in The Whole Life Success Planner to be clear on who I will be that day, and what may get in the way to plan in advance for that, rather than react.

How can I build in accountability? OR a consequence for not following through?

  • I will ask my children at the end of the day to score me in the areas of Present, Engaged, and Kind to them, and how I could improve
  • I will tell my husband about my sleep and meditation goals and set a consequence for my not doing it which he has my permission to hold me to. For example, I miss my morning coffee the next day

And that’s the 4Cs Methodology!

But you can’t skip the steps, and if you get stuck on any of the steps, you know where to find me xx

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