Are we getting it wrong as parents?

Wow. This animated short film Daniel Martínez Lara & Rafa Cano Méndez really got me thinking. In our home, we play a game called ‘society says’. It’s a game that runs constantly and helps me as a parent to question what ‘society says’, and choose which items I wish to pass through as recommendations for my children. And to be aware of the ones which are dangerous to connection, heath, courage and compassion. Our family ‘game’ also allows the kids (5yrs,7yrs) to keep their creativity in tact, and question everything that is put before them, so they make a choice which allows them to stay true to them, whilst still enabling them to belong in the current ‘society’.

This short film, ‘Alike’, highlights how sometimes we get it wrong as parents. It makes us stop and question ‘what is the correct path?’

Should you wish to play our games, and shift the way we live and parent, across our physical and emotional health, our behaviours, our underlying drivers and beliefs, then come join us in The Healthy Parent Healthy Child Program. We begin soon xx

Take the time to reflect on this special short film: