My Behaviour Matters

Ever stepped into the statement ‘it shouldn’t be this way?

We all have. But, it doesn’t serve us. Not if we’re seeking wellbeing.

Wellbeing has a greater chance of being present when we embrace the fourth foundational truth.

My Behaviour Matters, And After That, I Have No Control.

In each and every moment we get to choose our next thought. Our next emotion. Our next action. And it truly does matter.

But, we should never assume that a specific story will play out. That’s an expectation. And expectations steal the joy.

Realising we can’t assume anything will be a certain way, allows for greater presence. With greater presence, there is less physical and emotional stress on the body.

Show up well.

With enthusiasm. With grace. With intention.

And then loosen the grip on the outcome.

Take care and be well,

Erin xx

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