Food marketing – what you need to know!

Gluten free. No artificial colourings or flavourings. Made from real milk fresh daily.



Apart from the last comment, all claims are true by this reputable company. But it doesn’t make it a good choice for our body.

Let’s unpack this a little……


VANILLA ICE CREAM 10L. Ingredients: Water, fresh cream, liquid sugar (sugar, water), fresh milk, milk solids non fat, glucose (wheat) and/or maltodextrin, emulsifier (471), vanilla flavour, thickeners (412, 415, 410, 407a), colour (160b).


Annatto 160b is a colour that is derived from nature. From the seeds of the achiote tree. It is used to create an orangy colour and sometimes for flavour. Although derived from a natural source, hence the ‘true’ marketing, it is linked to allergic reactions, behaviour and learning problems, skin irritation, hypersensitivity and is still being investigated for its toxicity in the body.

The product is marketed as gluten free, correct, however it still contains wheat in the form of glucose. This could be a conversation in itself, but the savvy shopper knows that it’s not just about gluten. There are other proteins in wheat other than gluten which are hard on the body, not to mention the acidic and inflammatory nature of wheat itself, the fact that we are overloaded on its consumption (AKA more inflammation and gut damage), its refinement process and fortification isn’t great, its high phytate levels, its addictive qualities……oh we could go on forever.

Liquid sugar? Totally useful for the body, right?

Thickener 407a – processed eucheuma seaweed– a suspected carcinogen, linked to bowel and gut issues (IBS, ulcerative colitis etc), immune system damage and there is concern about its excito-toxic effects.

Thickener 410- locust bean gum – has been linked to abdominal discomfort and loose stools in large amounts.

Oh, and then there’s that natural milk. Naturally acidic and inflammatory, pasteurised with the active enzymes lipase and lactase killed (poor digestion), homogenised so that the fatty acids can go straight into the bloodstream before being cleansed by the lymphatic system, oh and then the other goodies added along the process.

I repeat, this company is telling the truth, like so many others. But, lord knows we need to get smarter here. Packets are there to sell, that’s it. It’s our job as an individual responsible for what we put in our bodies, and definitely as a parent responsible for what is allowed into our child’s body, to do our own learning. We are responsible.

We cover it all in the Healthy Parent Healthy Child Program over 4 of the 13 modules of this overall wellbeing program. I invite you to prioritise learning and action this year.
Erin xx